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Toy Tupperware: The Shape-O And Others

Sometime in 1946, the Tupperware brand products first made their appearance and ever since then has begun a revolutionary post-war journey that has made it a trend setter and Tupperware brand products have seen it allm be it the rollercoaster trends of the suburban movements of the 60s or the feminist revolution that was taking place in the 90s.

With all that was going on after the war it was a relief for many that someone still had the children in mind. So it was for Tupperware with whole ranges of products devoted to the young minds of the time. They were toys that at the very loeast created a distraction fron every day worries.

Tupperware has continuously added products to meet changing demands. From its dedicated products geared to meet the war effort of the 1940s it rapidly expanded to other products like food containers and toy tupperware. As the post war baby boom began to grow, women were devoting all their time to taking care of their growing families.

Massive Wave Of Baby Boomers Made Demand For Toys To Grow

The Shape-O toy is a classic tupperware item that is sure to bring a smile to little ones of all ages and it is shape-sorter for the toddler as well as a counting toy for those kids who are preschoolers. This toy tupperware has an easy to hold handle to pull open and display the fun shapes that are hidden inside and it is 6 ½ inches in diameter and can be used by kids aged 6 months or older.

The toy tupperware is mostly remembered as being a colorful plastic toy that has served to meet the growing needs of baby boomers and the Shape-O is widely used in Canadian as well as US households. There is also the Vintage Toy Child Tupperware Pitcher which stands 4 ½ inches in height and is made exactly like the big ones and is a cute toy for little kids that does not cost much, as well.

The massive wave of baby boomers had created a need for sturdy and stimulating toys which materialized in the form of toy tupperware items and introduced innovative line of toys including the Shape-O toy which was a toy tupperware item that was fun as well as educational and which helped to challenge each stage of the development of the child from functioning as a rattle for infants to getting toddlers to better their eye-hand coordination.

Items being sold include Eggister, Kup-L-Ups, Amphibio Toy, Build-A-Train Toy, Build-O-Fun, Busy Blocks, Code-A-Camera, Li’l Tupper Bonus, Bird Watcher, Book Worm Toy, Bounce-it Game, Li’l Tuppers Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Li’l Tuppers Tuppercanoe, Li’l Tuppers City Hall, Li’l Tuppers Lighthouse, Li’l Tuppers Noahs Ark, and a whole other products that would suit children of all ages.

There are also a whole host of toy tupperware items that are available and these include Zoo-It-Yourself, Shape-O,Fantasy Fun Friends, School Yard, Noah’s Ark, and Li’l Tuppers. There are also many other toy tupperware items that are available and one can visit www.tupperdiva.com for getting the complete range of toys.

So what mother does not want to enjoy herself with her children at a Tupperware party where the children are happy to be there while mom finds new friends and helps to expand her profitable business. Hubby will be just as happy as the children to see more income in the family bank account I am sure.


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